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About Us

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Positive. Passionate. Punny.

I’d stop there but this page would look horribly empty if I did. If I were better at bios I’d have some clever story about how I’m a secret art ninja on a quest to defeat the mighty demon known as “the Block”. It would be epic. Lots of Action, plenty of cleverly articulate monologues about how great I am, maybe an inspirational quote tossed in effortlessly after scouring the internet for six hours...

Or I could just go with hi, I’m Danielle and I like to make up stories and draw cool stuff!

Our Story

Danielle graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Animation, hopped on board with an indie game studio as a jack of all trades generalist for a few years, and is currently working full-time as an Educational Illustrator for an awesome company and one day dreams of buying a house and building a cat-run so Milo will let her draw in peace once and a while.